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Drawing from three decades worth of creative and innovative designs, the establishment of Prime Architects brings a stirring new spirit to the legacy of its founders’ already vast design experience. Architecture, Interior Design and Master Planning are the core focus areas of our practice.

We pride ourselves on the passion expressed in the design of fresh and original ideas, whatever the nature or size of the project, always striving for design excellence and innovation. We remain committed in focusing on and aligning with changing industry trends, firmly believing in Design as a truly collaborative process, constantly evolving and changing, always striving for a leading-edge and functional design product.

Their 20-year collaboration on a variety of projects ranging from international 5-star resort projects, city Master Plans, Casinos and Mixed-use developments to Residential developments, results in a fully intuitive and perceptive Design process.

The art of Design is a passion for both, which is evident in their respective portfolios, with the creation of dynamic and exciting design solutions as the prime consideration in bringing Clients’ visions to fruition.

Collaborate with us to bring your design vision to life!

Clients we have worked with

Prime Architects has had the privilege of working with some of the below clients:

Mission Statement

We are a South African based Architectural and Design Company specializing in providing creative and innovative Design solutions tailor-made to our Clients’ social, environmental and economic needs.Prime Architects is committed to thoughtful and rigorous design and building planning with a focus on a collaborative process, encouraging exploring new ideas and innovative creative interpretation. We believe that good design is key to improving everyday life from site design to Design detailing. Prime Architects strive to design and contribute to the making of beautiful, thoughtful and viable building- and planning projects. Our designs should exceed our Clients’ requirements and serve to inspire us to continually seek better design solutions to their brief.

Our mission is to provide a professional design experience with the utmost integrity and efficiency in order to serve our Clients and facilitate growth whilst maintaining professional and ethical values and attitudes – a work ethic that supports honesty, integrity, accountability and respect amongst and for our Clients, colleagues, community and environment.