Al Doha Grand Park


Al Doha Grand Park

The development of the Al Doha Grand Park, with its premier position in the heart of Doha, will create a family recreational and educational environment for the local population as well as visitors to this area. The primary emphasis will be on creating a park that builds on the natural environment of Qatar with its arid climate, as well as reflecting on and embracing the traditional Architectural Heritage and culture of Qatar and the project site in particular. The vision of the park is seen as the creation of a primary leisure destination for families and visitors, that reflects the man-made and natural heritage of the area, that educates and stimulate visitor’s senses and presents a wide range of activities and experiences, to appeal to all visitors to the park – a park that is widely accessible, safe and exciting to visit.

*Project Designer while at Northpoint


Hospitality, Mixed-Use, Entertainment, Residential


Doha, Qatar


Architecture, Master Planning