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Doha Mareen Fairy Terminal

The brief for the Doha Marine Ferry Terminal was to design a contemporary Building taking on the traditional Qatari Marine Heritage and culture and to create an iconic architectural statement – a welcoming gesture to guests arriving to and departing from cruise liners docked in the new Doha Port. The dramatic and exaggerated cantilevered roof of the Main Terminal Building was inspired from the streamlined bowl of traditional Arabic Dhows – designed to appear as if floating. This was achieved by designing a structural spine running down the centre of the building with rib like fins spanning side to side along the spine – freeing the frameless glass double volume façade of any support structure.

The site was designed to facilitate for public bus and taxi transport from and to the Terminal building. The main building was designed to accommodate all necessary arrival and departure facilities, lounges and retail as well as a speciality restaurant gallery. A Mosque and landscaped garden court was also conceptualised on the site.

*Project Designer while at HEC




Doha, Qatar